Translation Asset Management

Every time you commission a translation you are paying for a valuable asset that has the potential to be re-used repeatedly throughout your enterprise for years to come.

Many enterprises have made a start by using translation memory to build their translation assets. Unfortunately these translation assets are frequently inaccessible and are stored in various locations throughout the enterprise and their suppliers. There are usually several versions floating around, none exactly the same. Nobody knows which the latest is or if the final edits to the last job are reflected in the translation memory. And even then, translation memory is usually stored in a flat file, making it impossible to utilize translation memory fully as an asset.

We can help you to manage these existing translation assets to make them accessible to your entire enterprise. These assets include:

Pre-Existing Translations
Translation memories
Terminology databases
'Do not translate' lists
Localized Multimedia - graphics, pictures, diagrams, videos, sound bites and other complex elements.

With these assets, you can detect which translations you already have, and then re-use them quickly and easily for new human translation projects or enhanced automated translations. As a result, future translations will be cheaper to produce and will also benefit from consistency because they derive from the same original translations.