Our ultimate goal is to make our customers one hundred percent satisfied. In addition to having a top-quality team of translators, OKTranslation has put in place stringent quality control measures for every step of the projects undertaken in accordance with the ISO9001 requirements.

Basic Workflowt

Signing of Contract

After business negotiation, we provide a Confirmation Sheet or an Agreement for signing (this is a legal obligation that ensures both parties fulfill each requirement needed for the success of the project). The project can start when all the terms are confirmed and a down payment is settled, if required.

Project Management

We assign to you a Project Manager, who will be your single liaison point at OKTranslation throughout the process of our cooperation. He/she will ensure that we clearly understand and meet all your requirements, ensuring your on-going satisfaction throughout the duration of the project. The Project Manager will assign the appropriate translator(s) to work on your project. If requested, the translator will create a Translation Memory while doing the translation.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance (QA) section then checks for any inconsistencies that may have occurred during the translation process, and corrects them accordingly (these could be due to linguistic or cultural differences).


OKTranslation takes confidentiality and security issues as its highest priority. All of our translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. As a result, all translations remain confidential.


Usually payment for translation is settled after the project has been completed. Upon your receipt of translation, we send you an invoice. For the first cooperation or large projects, down payment is required according to the contract signed.

We accept the following methods of payment:
Corporate check
Wire transfer