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Apart from the text translation, the following icons, cultural, content and technical....


Nearly all kinds of publishing, including paper documentation, software user interfaces...


Such services include but are not limited to recruitment, release of wages, submission...

Translation Services

Working through holidays and weekends, we translate Chinese documents into over 100 languages
and vice versa for customers around the globe.[...]

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We have over 700 native-speaking professional translators in more than 20 languages from various backgrounds, including literature, culture, government documents, commercial, academic, technical, medical, scientific, financial and legal fields etc.

We offer simultaneous, consecutive, relay, whispered, sight and escort interpretation. All our interpreters are accredited by EU, UN or CATTI etc.

Easier market penetration. Localized products are more easily accepted in target markets. Enlargement in the potential customers. Users tend to buy the products and services localized into their own languages. Reduce in the training cost and support services. The localized products can be used more easily and quickly.

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